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“Scott Freiman is a very talented, very knowledgeable Sound Editor and Composer, who crafted a beautiful score and sound design for my feature film. He has a very wide range of skills, can compose in an infinite variety of styles, and is very easy to work with. An overall great experience.”

Laurence Gingold
CEO, Ivory Tower Productions

“Scott is not only a gifted musician but he understands how crucial the quality of the sound and mixing are to a project. Scott contributes a great deal musically and technically to the projects that we bring him. He is comfortable both collaborating or leading the way. Scott has created a warm professional working environment at Second Act Studio. Red Thread Productions tapped Scott Freiman of Second Act Studios to sound edit and mix the short film "The Good Mother of Abangoh". The documentary film was shot on location in Cameroon Africa. Scott delivered a great product and exceeded our expectations every step of the way. Scott also sound edited and mixed an eight part documentary project about people living with Bipolar Spectrum Disorder for us.”

Connie Grazia
Owner, Red Thread Productions

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Scott. He gave generously of his time, was always available to get the job done on time no matter what curveball was thrown. With a state-of-the-art studio, a trained ear, eagerness to bring out the best of the people he is working with, Scott is a pleasure to deal with and a real professional.”

Ronit Avni
Founder and Executive Director, Just Vision

"Scott has scored and/or sound mixed 3 films I have shot. From the first film we did together, (For which he did both) I was impressed with his work and recommended him to many of my producers. Twice since has he been hired on my recommendation and both times the producers and directors were very happy with his work and working with him.”

Jendra Jarnagin
Director of Photography, Floating Camera

Scott Freiman has scored three films I've directed. In short, I love working with Scott. First and most importantly, he has an innate sense of what type of music fits the image. He understands what the film is about and creates the right score to further enhance the story. He never overpowers the story with his music, but he always knows when the dramatic moment builds and structures the music accordingly. Second, he is an easy person with whom to communicate. I don't know a lot technically about music, but I always feel that Scott understands and listens to what I'm saying in layman's terms. Third, Scott is on time and extremely responsible. I can't wait to work with Scott again on the next film.

Amy Wendel
Director/Producer, Kapok Pictures

“Scott and I have worked together ever since I have lived in New York (over six years now) and I can honestly say there is no one more creative, thoughtful, professional and versatile! He has incredible attention to detail and is great fun to work with. I recommend Scott highly!”

Lisa Lynne Mathis

“Scott is a multifaceted individual, a virtual renaissance man. His successful production sensibility with a wide variety of musical styles compliments his engineering expertise. Not only that, but he's a pleasure to spend time with. It is a privilege to work with him.”

Don Grossinger
President, Don Grossinger Mastering

“Scott’s expertise in so many areas, from writing and producing music, to running a business, and the way he is able to so gracefully bring together his many skills, is extraordinary. Renovation In Music Education (RIME) is a nonprofit organization that helps people, organizations and communities succeed through innovative music partnership programs. From our programs helping disadvantaged students to those helping injured combat veterans, Scott’s assistance has been invaluable. He makes vexing obstacles easy to overcome, and complex issues easy to understand. A font of ideas, a talented musician, an inveterate educator, a gracious advisor, a magnanimous friend, Scott is beyond helpful. We are lucky to count him among our advisors, and I am fortunate to know him as a friend."

Arthur Bloom
CEO, Renovation in Music Education

“Scott's invaluable wisdom and experience have in many ways provided the keystone to the success of our startup Outlandos Music. As both an experienced, computer savvy leader and entrepreneur, plus a world-class composer and sound engineer, Scott has provided invaluable counsel and I am incredibly thankful to have him on my team. Moreover, Scott's history of success in both business and music paired with his compassionate approach has taught me to aspire to the same in my own endeavors. I proudly call him my mentor and friend.”

Kate Bradley
Founder and CEO, Outlandos Music

“Scott has an amazingly wide range of skills -- both creative and analytical. He is a first-rate composer, musician, producer and arranger. He is also technologically savvy: always eager to learn new applications and skills. He is an experienced entrepreneur and executive. Most important, he is an honorable friend and business partner.”

Al Cattabiani
Founder and CEO, Garagista Music

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