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Hancock Place
Produced by Scott Freiman and Doug Epstein, String Arrangements by Scott Freiman

Film Music by Second Act Studio
As a follow up to her solo EP comes Lisa’s first full-length CD, “Hancock Place.” Having toured with famed rocker Liz Phair during The Lillith Fair, played alongside the Indigo Girls, Bonnie Raitt, and Sarah McLaughlin and appeared on numerous television programs -- from The David Letterman Show to performances on Showtime Television -- Lisa Lynne Mathis' music gives voice to a woman’s most intimate feelings.

Anchor (4:38) Play
These Walls (4:52) Play
Comfort Zone (3:41) Play
Greatest Embrace (4:46) Play

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Produced by Doug Epstein and Scott Freiman

Film Music by Second Act Studio

A cool and unusual holiday mix featuring inspired interpretations of the classics. From an alt rock “Good King Wenceslas” to a bossa-flavored “O Holy Night” to a swingin’ “Jingle Bells” – not to mention the rockabilly “O Little Town of Bethlehem”.


Good King Wenceslas (4:04) Play
Heaven on Earth (4:06) Play

O Little Town of Bethlehem (2:58) Play
Solstice Signs (3:23) Play

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Still Water
Produced by Scott Freiman

Still Water - Jessie LambiaseSixteen year-old guitarist and singer-songwriter Jessie Lambiase recently completed her EP, Still Waters, at Second Act Studio. Lambiase was accompanied by John Katiris on guitar, Anthony Candullo on bass, Erik Perez on drums, and Scott Freiman on keyboards.


Still Water (3:52) Play
Reflection (3:52) Play
Waterfall (4:50) Play

Not Your Fool
Produced by Scott Freiman

Produced by Scott FreimanAlycea is a New York City based singer-songwriter who was born 22 years ago during a blizzard on the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona. Her parents relocated to Rockland County in the late 1980’s. She graduated from Clarkstown South High School in 2003 and studied music at university in Arizona and Australia.

Ice (5:12) Play
Not Your Fool (4:06) Play
Walls (4:07)

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Mistaken Identity
Produced by Scott Freiman

Produced by Scott FreimanWith an eclectic array of sounds, NiNe Deep explores a wide range of musical genre and spirited songwriting. From deep and philosophical, to sexual and even satirical, JSanti’s lyrics emit feelings from altruism, to despair, to love and even outright raunchiness. Paired with his even more impressive guitar handling and the steady, unrelenting heartbeat of Kevin Cronin’s drums, they’ve come together to make Mistaken Identity, an album which screams “Universality.” The band succeeds in delivering satisfaction to listeners alike.

Six Pack and Papers (2:54) Play
The One (2:09) Play
Gone for Good (4:14) Play

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Executive Produced by Al Cattabiani
and Scott Freiman

Produced by Scott Freiman and Al CattabianiA collection incorporating every color in the rock palette: from totally modern alt rock, to classic rock stomps, to quiet singer/songwriter introspection. All the artists hail from the artistically-rich Hudson Rivertowns, just north of NYC, but the music is universal. If you want to hear a true cross-section of Rock of the art, check this out.


Party of Two (3:50) Play

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Executive Produced by Al Cattabiani
and Scott Freiman

Produced by Al Cattabiani and Scott FreimanRivertown Voices showcases the prodigious vocal gifts of our local singers. Whether it's a jazz standard, a Broadway gem or something beyond category, each performance conveys a passion for bringing songs to life.


All of Me (4:10) Play

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