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Recording Sessions At Second Act Studio for Lisa Lynne Mathis

Recording Sessions at Second Act Studio

Here are a few photos from the recording sessions for Lisa Lynne Mathis’ CD Hancock Place. The sessions featured musicians Jay Azzolina on guitar, Tash O’Neal on bass, and Jonathan Peretz on drums. Subsequent sessions featured Mark Peterson on bass and Al Cattabiani on guitar, and Scott Freiman on keyboards. Produced by Scott Freiman and Doug Epstein.

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Construction of Second Act Studio

Second Act Studio was built between 2002
and 2003. Here are some photos that were
taken during the construction.

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Recent Visitors to Second Act Studio

Visitors to Second Act Studio

These are just some of the talented artists that have stopped in at Second Act Studio.

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Composed by Scott Freiman

Photos from

Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall, September 24, 2005

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