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"Ivory" is the tale of pianists competing in an international piano competition.  It stars Martin Landau (Ed Wood), Peter Stormare (Fargo), Beau Garrett (Tron 2.0), and Travis Fimmel ("The Beast").

Searching (3:11) Play
Kansas City Awards (1:19) Play
Montage (1:59) Play
Train Ride (0:45) Play
Restaurant (0:32) Play
Opera House (0:54) Play

Songs written and performed by Scott:

Xanadu/Touch Me (2:06) Play

Film Music by Second Act Studio
"Undone" is a thriller encompassing murder, betrayal, and witch burning! Feature directed by James DePaiva and starring Kassie DePaiva, Dan Gauthier, Forbes March, and Heather Tom.

Opening credits (2:37) Play
Motel and Drive (7:01) Play
Man In The Street (3:33) Play
Martin's Studio (1:46) Play
Scarecrow (3:10) Play
Burning Point (2:48) Play

EXIT (2005)
Film Music from Second Act StudioShort Film directed by Jamie Duneier, starring Kassie DePaiva, Santiago Douglas, Jack Scalia, and Tony Lo Bianco.


Awards: Best Directing Platinum REMI Award, WorldFest, Houston Int'l Film Festival

"Exit" was divided into two parts. The first part took place in a night club with exotic dancers. The first two clips below contain music written for this part of the movie. The second part of the movie took place after the night club had closed. This music ranges from unsettling soundscapes ("This Was It") to simple orchestral music ("Farewell").

Opening (2:07) Play
Original Sin (1:08)Play
This Was It (0:56) Play
Farewell (1:17) Play

Film Music by Second Act Studio
Short Film directed by Amy Wendel, starring Steve DuMouchel, P.J. Sosko, Tony DeSalvatore, and Joe Candelora.

Awards: 2005 Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, 2005 Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, 2006 Tiburon International Film Festival

What do you get when you combine a violin, an accordion, and a bass tuba? Click on the link below to listen....

Closing Credits (2:42)Play

BODIES (2004)
Film Music by Second Act StudioShort Film directed by Amy Wendel, adapted from a short story written by Jessica Shattuck and published in The New Yorker magazine. The film won a grant from the Warner Bros. Pictures Film Production Award Fund.

Bodies aired nationally on the Independent Film Channel in 2006.

Awards: Finalist, 2005 Angelus Awards; Best Narrative Short, Best Student Film, Ojai Film Festival (2004); Student Film Semi-Finalist, Ft. Lauderdale Intl. Film Festival (2004)

Official selection of Florida Film Festival (2005), Nashville Film Festival (2005), Durango Film Festival (2005), Vail Film Festival (2005), Boston Film Festival (2004), Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival (2004), St. Louis International Film Festival (2004), Santa Fe Film Festival (2004).

The music for Bodies was also arranged into a suite that was performed by an orchestra as part of the "COMPOSED BY SCOTT FREIMAN" concert.

Opening (2:07) Play
The Dream (1:17) Play
The Park (2:00) Play
Bodies Suite (9:26) (From Carnegie Hall concert)Play

Film Music by Second Act Studio Short film directed by Leslie Weinberg.

In this lyrical love letter to the spirit of New York City, four dancers listen to the same music in the streets and interpret the music with their own unique flair. While asserting the courage to be oneself, they are also capturing the essence of urban culture and the inspiration it provides.

Dancin' in the Street Play

Film Music from Second Act Studio

Documentary directed by Barbara Wilk and Sandy Lefkowitz.


Titles (0:46) Play
Gathering (0:57)Play

Film Music by Second Act StudioDocumentary directed by Stuart Entner following several teams competing for top prize in a 24-hour movie competition.


Several styles are represented here, including the blues number "Shopping".

Start of Contest (1:36) Play
Nipple (0:44)Play
Shopping (1:26)Play

Film Music from Second Act Studio

Short film directed by Amy Wendel.


The score of this short Chaplin-esque comedy is performed live at the Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center.

Running On Air (4:30)Play

MEDIA MIXER: Dance Animation (2002)
Film Music from Second Act Studio

Short film of a dancer combined with animation by Zoya Baker.



Dance Animation (1:44) Play

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