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Composed by Scott FreimanCOMPOSED BY SCOTT FREIMAN
Music from the 2005 "Composed by Scott Freiman" concert at Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall.

Introduction (2:59)Play
Introduction to the concert, featuring Zachary and Maxwell Freiman (and the voice of Jackson). No music here, but I had to include it!

Imaginary Telescope (6:05) Play
Music and Lyrics by Scott Freiman. Orchestra and Children's Choir

Do You Know What (4:49)Play
Written by Lisa Lynne Mathis. Arranged by Scott Freiman for orchestra

Fanfare for the Common Lamb (2:36) Play
A musical joke for orchestra

Bodies Suite (9:26) Play
Orchestral suite based on music from the film Bodies

A Perfect Day (7:04) Play
Scott channels Tom Lehrer

A Question of Time (14:08)Play
A four movement orchestral suite

i. A Brief Introduction to Time
ii. The March of Time
iii. Quiet Time
iv. Time's Up!

QuinTet Offensive (11:25) Play
Wind Quintet

Chaka Konne (6:58)Play
String Quartet

Messiaenic Suite Petit (7:02)Play
Piano, Violin, Flute, & Percussion

i. Allegretto
ii. Adagio
iii. Oregano

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